Christopher Chamberlain

B.Sc in Computer Science


The following is a set of articles covering topics of interest, tutorials or otherwise that I wanted to share with the world.


A collection of articles about my 2D graphics and audio framework implemented in C#.


A C# framework that provides utilities for 2D graphics, audio, mathematics, data structures and more. Useful for prototyping and implementating games and other graphical applications. Currently supports Desktop platforms, with plans for support on Android.

Getting Started

Getting started with Heirloom in a basic "Hello World" application.



A C# documentation generator that uses a combination of C# reflection and .NET's XML documentation to generate human readable documentation in markdown format.

Game Jams

Game With Us 2020 - Superfluid

A little C# game about fixing a network of pipes developed during a game jam in 2020.


Creating Drawings In Markdown

Creating doodles with Rough.js