Christopher Chamberlain

B.Sc in Computer Science

About Me

Hello! My name is Christopher Chamberlain. I am currently pursuing a M.Sc with a focus on Deep Learning Computer Vision from the University of Saskachewan.

I enjoy programming of many kinds, but most evidently graphics programming. I am familar with a variety of programming languages and technologies such as .NET (C# 10, Net 6.0), Python (PyTorch/Lightning, Numpy, Pillow, etc), Javascript (Node, Browser, Express) and more. I have used Unity for many years for work on research projects, most notably a Spherical 3D Display.

Recent Projects


One of my personal projects is something I've called Heirloom. It is a C# framework that provides utilities for 2D graphics, audio, mathematics, data structures and more. Useful for prototyping and implementating games and other graphical applications. Currently supports Desktop platforms, with partial support on Android.

Heirloom Screenshots

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As a complement project to Heirloom, I have developed Documark. It is a C# documentation generator that uses a combination of C# reflection and .NET's XML documentation to generate human readable documentation in markdown format.

Documark Screenshots

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