Christopher Chamberlain

B.Sc in Computer Science

Heirloom - Overview

Heirloom is a C# library that provides facilities for 2D drawing, audio playback, mathematics, graphs and more. It is useful for quick prototyping and implementating games and other graphical applications. Heirloom is cross platform with support on Windows, Linux and Android.

Note: Due to the deprecation of OpenGL on Apple platforms, I do not intend to support macOS or iPhone. However it may still technically run (as long as OpenGL 3.3 exists) on macOS thanks to the native-level libraries under the hood.

Heirloom Screenshots

This is a passion project and a personal challenge. I've always wanted to author a graphics library that I felt like was usable by other people. I decided on 2D graphics with support for shaders and renderable surfaces (ie, render textures). This was to give myself (initially) finite bounds to reduce the scope of the project. In addition, it is far easier to visualize and solve problems in the 2D domain. Asset managment is easier to think about as well, as majority of assets in 2D games will be simply images and sound files.

How does it work?

I'll expand on this here later on, but for now you can view the project on Github. The Github contains documentation, examples, screenshots and wiki articles on using the library. The develop branch will be the most up to date but also most likely to be broken at random as I continue to monkey with it.

See project on Github